Freshman Focus- Camron Reece

Freshman Focus- Camron Reece

Camron Reece: "The Oakland Outlier"

"Trust the process" — a short and simple quote that can help one be happy with the life they are living. It also happens to be the favorite quote of Sheridan College forward, Camron Reece. Reece can be physically imposing to most, but once you see him off the hardwood, your mind will be at ease by his easy-going personality and impressive dance moves. Cam is a byproduct of his environment. It is easy to understand why he has such a high motor and unwavering competitive spirit, having to go up against the hotspot of talent that stems from Oakland, California. Not to mention, having played for a high-caliber travel team in "Team Lillard" sponsored by NBA superstar Damian Lillard himself. What it was like playing for team Lillard?

Reece tries to emulate his game after his favorite player— retired NBA star Shawn Kemp. To do this he focuses on Kemp's "no mercy" mentality and of course his ferocious dunks (Youtube him and you will see what we are talking about).  Although he is playing well, Reece feels the impact of the jump from high school to college basketball. Cam admits, "The game is so much faster and the offensive and defensive reads are a lot quicker, you really have to think the game". He knows that there is still so much to learn and add to his game.

His motivation to play goes far beyond himself, showing just how much he truly cares about others. The reason for lacing up his shoes every day is for his younger brother Zahir and his grandmother Carol. Although he wishes it could be, Cam understands it can't be basketball "24/7". When he had some spare time before season, he would partake in one of his favorite hobbies— bike rides with teammates and friends. Even though the winter season is here, and it is hard for him to go biking nowadays, Cam says he still enjoys Sheridan because "it is a peaceful environment. You get a completely different feel from being in a big city and have to deal with traffic, long lines everywhere, crowded, etc."

 Anyone that watches Reece plays knows he is a special type of player. With continued hard work and persistency in his work ethic, the sky is the limit!